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RM150PLUS   R&M's "150 Plus" 1 oz.
RMMIDDEA   R&M's "Midnight Death" 1oz
RMMR   R&M's "Midnight Raider" 1 oz.
RMRATRAI   R&M's "Rat Raider" 1 oz.
BK1   Raccoon Trapping Made Simple by Kaatz
V18   Raccoons and Cornfields Welch
V1   Rat Race Gary Schumann's
RBG280   RBG #280 Body Grip Traps
RBG330   RBG #330 Body Grip Traps
REPBG110   Replacement Body Grip Spring 110-120
REPBG220   Replacement Body Grip Spring 220
REPBG330   Replacement Body Grip Spring 330
RLS   Replacement Long Springs
RWSH   Replacement Wire Stretcher Hooks
RKPREDPLUS   RK's Predator Plus 16oz.
RMMD   RM's "Midnight Delight" 1 oz.
RMRATDEL   RM's "Rat Delight" 1 oz.
V46   Robby Gilbert's The Best of Trapping Time, Coyote Edition
RTSSET   RTS Heavy Duty Bodygrip Trap Setter
RTSGAM   RTS Speed Gambrel
NLTK-11   Ruko Coon Addiction Knife
RXM-JF   RX Mobility Joint Formula
SHTOOL   S Hook and Rivet Tool
SALMOIL   Salmon Oil
PCG-SMMS   Serious Money Making Strategies by Clint Locklear DVD
SHEF12   Sheffield Fleshing Knife 12 Inch
SHEF16   Sheffield Fleshing Knife 16 Inch
SHELOIL   Shellfish Oil
SDL   Short Drowner Lock
SHPS   Single Handle Scraper
WF-SCS   Skinning Combo Set Handmade In the USA
SG   Skinning Gambrel
SKUNKESS   Skunk Essence Tinct. Very Strong
V34   Skunks: The best Investment You'll Ever Make Kaatz
SC-112CS   Sleepy Creek #1 1/2 Coil Spring
SC-112LS   Sleepy Creek #1 1/2 Long Spring
SC-134OSCS   Sleepy Creek #1 3/4 OFFSET Coil Spring
SC-1LS   Sleepy Creek #1 Long Spring
SC-1000   Sleepy Creek #1000
SC-11LS   Sleepy Creek #11 Double Long Spring
SC-4OSCS   Sleepy Creek #4 OFFSET Coil Spring
SC-4OSLS   Sleepy Creek #4 OFFSET Long Spring
SC-5LS   Sleepy Creek #5 Long Spring Wolf Trap W/ Teeth
SCMBGS   Sleepy Creek Body Grip Safety Gripper
CSSET   Sleepy Creek Coil Spring Trap Setters
SCIS   Sleepy Creek Inline Springs DZ
SC3   Sleepy Creek Model #3 Trap Setter
SC4   Sleepy Creek Model #4 Trap Setter
SLICKBR   Slicker Brush
SODBUST   Sod Buster Trapline Hammer
SODBENZ   Sodium Benzoate
BERSOFT18   Soft Ground Berkshire Stakes with 18 Inches of 3/32 Cable
V30   Speed Processing Beaver by Clint Locklear
SODS   Squeeze On Deer Stops
BERKST18   STD. Berkshire Stakes with 18 Inches of 3/32 Cable
SCE   Steel Cable Ends
BK32   Steel Traps Obsolete & Antique by Vance
SKSHARP   Sterling Knife Sharpener
STSHSPRING   Stop-Shock Springs
BK2   Suicide Mink Sets by Thorpe
SULCIR110120   Sullivan Circle Triggers 110-120
SULCIR220   Sullivan Circle Triggers 220
SULPAN   Sullivan's Trap Pan Tester
SWEET   Sweetwater Flattail Beaver Lure
FELC7   Swiss C7 Cable Cutter
V28   Tactical 5x5 Raccoon Trapping by Scott Adams
TTS-CK9T2   Tactical Trapping Cary's K9 Time Lure 2 oz
TTSCCHUM   Tactical Trapping COYOTE CHUM
TTS-CC   Tactical Trapping COYOTE CREATOR Predator Bait
TTS-NP2   Tactical Trapping Nocturnal Possession Lure 2 oz
TAILGUI   Tail Slitting Guide
BK18   The Alaskan Trapper's Handbook by Wilson
PCG-APBC   The Art of Professional Beaver Control by Clint Locklear DVD
BK7   The Dirt Hole and Its Varations by Dobbins
PCG-MP   The MIndset of a Professional by Clint Locklear BOOK
BK20   The Mink Trappers Guide by Faler
BK5   Trap Building Modern and Primitive by Burt-Munro-Massey & Stromberg
BK8   Trap Fastening by Dobbins
V35   Trapline Anecdotes: Back to the Basics Kyle Kaatz DVD
BK25   Trapline Principles 8 Keys to Success by Kellen Kaatz
TRAPCAP   Trapper's Cap
BK29   Trappers Guide To Using Essential Oils, Essences by Wyshinski
THTF   Trappers Hide Tanning Formula
TRPKNEEL   Trappers Kneeling Pad
TRPL   Trappers Pliers
TRPLPOUCH   Trappers Pliers Leather Pouch
BK11   Trapping North American Furbearers by Hawbaker
V20   Trapping Sets That Produce Kyle Lasater
TS85   TS-85 Beaver Trap
PCG-TT   Turtles by the Ton by Clint Locklear & Newt Sterling DVD
TOSS   Twist-On Support Collars
UCH   U Clip Helper for Long Spring Setting
UF12INS   Uncle Freddie's Big Game Gut Gloves 12" INSULATED
UF12REG   Uncle Freddie's Big Game Gut Gloves 12" REGULAR
UF26INS   Uncle Freddie's Big Game Gut Gloves 26" INSULATED
UF26REG   Uncle Freddie's Big Game Gut Gloves 26" REGULAR
UN-ABC   Underalls
BK6   Variations of the Flat Set by Dobbins
OOSMT   Victor Out O'Site Mole Trap
PLMOL   Victor Plunger Mole Trap
WBK   Weasel Box Kit
WEBDP   Webster's Wildlife Solutions DP Coon Pellets
WB   Whisk Broom
WWAX   White Trap Wax (Odorless)
TJWA-HYP   Wildlife Adventures "Hypnotized" Deer Attractant/ Corn Additive
TJWA-UND   Wildlife Adventures "Undetected" Deer Cover Scent/ Attractant
MHHCRL   Wildlife Research "Hardcore Raccoon Lure # 1" 4 oz
WTZIP   Winkler's Tail Zipper
WSCG   Winklers Skinning Chain Gambrel
1-ST   Wire Stretcher #1 Muskrat
15-ST   Wire Stretcher #1.5 Mink
23-ST   Wire Stretcher #23 Possum, Raccoon
4-ST   Wire Stretcher #4 Fox, Raccoon
5-ST   Wire Stretcher #5 Fox, Raccoon
6-ST   Wire Stretcher #6 Coyote
WTESMT   Wire Tek 1001 Easy Set Mole Eliminator Trap
WOLFDRIV   Wolf Fang Anchor Driver 24 inch
WOLF18   Wolf Fang Anchor Stakes with 18 Inches of 3/32 Cable
WOLFEND   Wolf Fang Stake Ends
XHD   XHD Beaver Apron
PCG-YLB   Year Long Blitzkrieg by Clint Locklear DVD
ZBAIT   Z Bait Dog Proof Bait 8 Oz.
ZTRASBR   Z Trap Rascal Pack Dog Proof Raccoon Trap (Brown)
ZTRASCAMO   Z Trap Rascal Pack Dog Proof Raccoon Trap (Camo)
ZTRASWT   Z Trap Rascal Pack Dog Proof Raccoon Trap (White)
ZTDPBR   Z-Trap Dog Proof Brown
ZTDPWH   Z-Trap Dog Proof White
ZTSNM   Z-Trap No. 6 Skunk-N-More No Spray Skunk Trap
ZTRAP-NO8PRO   Z-Trap No. 8 Skunk-N-More Live Trap PRO
ZTRAP-NO8STD   Z-Trap No. 8 Skunk-N-More Live Trap STANDARD
SPST   Z-Trap Spray Proof Skunk Trap
ZCAP   Z-Trap Z-Cap

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