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BGSTD280   H Type Body Grip Supports #280
BGSTD330   H Type Body Grip Supports #330
BERHD18   H.D. Berkshire Stakes with 18 Inches of 3/32 Cable
HDSWAG   Hand Swager 14 inch
HTWL   Hansen Style Quarter Washer Snare Lock
HAWBL   Hawbaker's "Beaver Lure" 1 oz.
HAWBIG3   Hawbaker's "Big 3" 1 oz.
HCCO   Hawbaker's "Concentrated Clam Oil" 1 Oz.
HCWGL100   Hawbaker's "Coyote & Wolf Gland Lure No. 100" 1 oz.
HAWC10   Hawbaker's "Coyote Food Lure # 10" 1 oz.
HCFL400   Hawbaker's "Coyote Food Lure No. 400" 1 oz.
HCL500   Hawbaker's "Coyote Lure No. 500" 1 oz.
HFISHL   Hawbaker's "Fisher Lure" 1 oz.
HAWFC4   Hawbaker's "Fox and Coyote #4" 1 oz.
HGF100   Hawbaker's "Grey Fox 100" 1 oz.
HGFFL   Hawbaker's "Grey Fox Food Lure" 1 oz.
HLDC600   Hawbaker's "Long Distance Call 600" 1 oz.
HMARTENL   Hawbaker's "Marten Lure" 1 oz.
HMINKL1   Hawbaker's "Mink Lure No. 1 " 1 oz.
HMINKL2   Hawbaker's "Mink Lure No. 2 " 1 oz.
HAWMUSK2   Hawbaker's "Muskrat Lure #2" 1 oz.
HMUSKL1   Hawbaker's "Muskrat Lure No. 1 " 1 oz.
HMUSKL2   Hawbaker's "Muskrat Lure No. 2 " 1 oz.
HMUSKL5   Hawbaker's "Muskrat Lure No. 5 " 1 oz.
HOTTERL   Hawbaker's "Otter Lure" 1 oz.
HAWRAC   Hawbaker's "Raccoon Lure" 1 oz.
HRGF200   Hawbaker's "Red & Grey Fox Lure 200" 1 oz.
HRFGL100   Hawbaker's "Red Fox Gland Lure 100" 1 oz.
HRR700   Hawbaker's "Red Reynard 700" 1 oz.
HAWSCFC   Hawbaker's "Sure Catch Fox and Coyote' 1 oz.
HWSF300   Hawbaker's "Water-Set Fox Lure No. 300" 1 oz.
HWEASELL   Hawbaker's "Weasel Lure" 1 oz.
HAW800   Hawbaker's "Widow Maker 800" 1 oz.
HWCL   Hawbaker's "Wildcat Lure #1" 1 oz.
HWCL2   Hawbaker's "Wildcat Lure #2" 1 oz.
HAWWR500   Hawbaker's "Wiley Red 500" 1 oz.
HAWBAIT8   Hawbaker's Fox and Coyote Bait 8 oz.
HAWRACCBAIT   Hawbaker's Raccoon Bait 4 oz.
HAW200   Hawbakers "Coyote Special Lure # 200" 1 oz.
HAW400   Hawbakers "Red Fox Food Lure 400" 1 oz.
HAWREDFOX   Hawbakers "Red Fox" Urine 16 oz.
HAWREDDY   Hawbakers "Reddy Red" Urine 16 oz.
BAPR   HD Skinning Apron
ALUDIRT   Heavy Duty Aluminum Dirt Sifter
BTAIL   Heavy Duty Bench Mount Tail Stripper
HDFCSM   Heavy Duty Fur Comb by Stone Mfg.
HDJHOOK   Heavy Duty JHook Tool
HDSR   Heavy Duty Split Ring
HDSDS   Heavy Duty Steel Dirt Sifter 8"x9"x2-1/2"
HDZIP   Heavy Duty Tail Zipper
HDUNI   Heavy Duty Universal Swivels
HD330x28   Heavy Duty, Extra Long 330 Body Grip Trap Setter, 28 Inches Long
V26   High Performance Snaring 2 by Clint Locklear
V25   High Performance Snaring by Clint Locklear
HQB4   High Quality "Beaver #4" Lure 1 Oz.
HQB1   High Quality "Beaver No. 1" Lure 1 Oz.
HQBB2   High Quality "Blanket Beaver #2" Lure 1 Oz.
HQC1   High Quality "Cat #1" Lure 1 Oz.
HQFB3   High Quality "Flattail Beaver #3" Lure 1 Oz.
HQL1FCB   High Quality Lures "#1 Fox & Coyote Bait" 4 Oz.
HQL1GFB   High Quality Lures "#1 Grey Fox Bait" 4 Oz.
HQL2FCB   High Quality Lures "#2 Fox & Coyote Bait" 4 Oz.
HQLBB1   High Quality Lures "Beaver Bait #1" 4 Oz.
HQLBB2   High Quality Lures "Beaver Bait #2" 4 Oz.
HQLBOBB1   High Quality Lures "Bobcat Bait #1" 4 Oz.
HQLCB1   High Quality Lures "Coon Bait #1" 4 Oz.
HQLCB2MB   High Quality Lures "Coon Bait #2 Masked Bandit" 4 Oz.
HQLCB3R   High Quality Lures "Coon Bait #3 Ringtail" 4 Oz.
HQLC1DE   High Quality Lures "Coyote #1 Dead End" 1 Oz.
HQLC2M   High Quality Lures "Coyote #2 Matrix" 1 Oz.
HQLC3BWT   High Quality Lures "Coyote #3 Bad Wolf Taker" 1 Oz.
HQLC4DR   High Quality Lures "Coyote #4 Dead Runner" 1 Oz.
HQLD1   High Quality Lures "Deer #1" 1 Oz.
HQLD2   High Quality Lures "Deer #2" 1 Oz.
HQLD3   High Quality Lures "Deer #3" 1 Oz.
HQLD4   High Quality Lures "Deer #4" 1 Oz.
HQLF1   High Quality Lures "Fisher #1" 1 Oz.
HQLGF1   High Quality Lures "Grey Fox #1" 1 Oz.
HQLGHL   High Quality Lures "Ground Hog Lure" 1 Oz.
HQLLFCB   High Quality Lures "Liquid Fox & Coyote Bait" 4 Oz.
HQLM1   High Quality Lures "Marten #1" 1 Oz.
HQLMINK1   High Quality Lures "Mink #1" 1 Oz.
HQLMINK2   High Quality Lures "Mink #2" 1 Oz.
HQLMB1   High Quality Lures "Mink Bait #1" 4 Oz.
HQLMUSK1   High Quality Lures "Muskrat #1" 1 Oz.
HQLMUSK2   High Quality Lures "Muskrat #2" 1 Oz.
HQLMUSK3   High Quality Lures "Muskrat #3" 1 Oz.
HQLMUSK5   High Quality Lures "Muskrat #5" 1 Oz.
HQLMUSK4   High Quality Lures "Muskrat Musk #4" 1 Oz.
HQLO1   High Quality Lures "Otter #1" 1 Oz.
HQLR1   High Quality Lures "Raccoon #1" 1 Oz.
HQLR2   High Quality Lures "Raccoon #2" 1 Oz.
HQLR3   High Quality Lures "Raccoon #3" 1 Oz.
HQLR5   High Quality Lures "Raccoon #5" 1 Oz.
HQLRF1OR   High Quality Lures "Red Fox #1 Ol' Red" 1 Oz.
HQLRF2M   High Quality Lures "Red Fox #2 Matrix" 1 Oz.
HQLRF3RS   High Quality Lures "Red Fox #3 Reynard Special" 1 Oz.
HQLRF4BC   High Quality Lures "Red Fox #4 Big Country" 1 Oz.
HQLRF500   High Quality Lures "Red Fox #500" 1 Oz.
HQLSFE   High Quality Lures "S.F.E." 1 Oz.
HQLSHELLB   High Quality Lures "Shellfish Bait" 4 Oz.
HQLSP   High Quality Lures "Snare Paste Lure" 1 Oz.
HQLURL   High Quality Lures "Ulltimmate Raccoon Lure" 1 Oz.
HTMICH332   Hilltop Outdoor Michigan Legal Coyote Snare
HSCR   Hog Scraper
ICO400   ICOtec AD400 Decoy
ICO101   ICOtec GC101XL Electronic Game Caller
G2ICO320   ICOtec GC320 GEN 2 Electronic Game Caller & Decoy Combo
ICO350   ICOtec GC350 Electronic Game Caller
ICO500   ICOtec GC500 Electronic Game Caller
ICO300   ICOtec Gen 2 GC300 Electronic Game Caller
ICOOUTLAW   ICOtec Outlaw Programmable Electronic Game Call/Decoy Combo
ICO200   ICOtec PD200 Decoy
V2   In The Fur Shed Kaatz
V3   In The Lure Room Kaatz
IEA   Iowa Earth Anchor Ends
BK40   Iowa Sportsman's Atlas
JAMWOOD   Jameson's "Formula One Woodchuck Bait" 8 oz.
JAMWOODL1   Jameson's "Formula One Woodchuck Lure" 1 oz.
JCCTBAR   JC Conner T-Bar Shock Springs
KATBEA   Kaatz "Beaver Lure" 1 Oz.
KTZTOXDG   Kaatz "ToxiDog" 1 Oz.
KTZUMCHER   Kaatz "Ulti-Mag Cherry Oil" 16 oz.
KATZOO   Kaatz "Yazoo Bob" 1 Oz.
KATZSANDMAG16   Kaatz Bros. "Sandhills Magik Predator Paste Bait" 16 oz.
KATZULTI16   Kaatz Bros. "Ulti-Boss Bait" 16 oz.
KBSTA   KB Stabilizer
TEAR   KB Tear Drop Ring Connector
KC1-11   Keg Creek "1-11 Decoy" 2 oz.
KCALQA1   Keg Creek "Algonquin A-1" 2 oz.
KCBB   Keg Creek "Bobcat Bait" 16 oz.
KCCCBIT   Keg Creek "Coon Crunch Bite Me"
KCCCREG   Keg Creek "Coon Crunch Regular"
KCPCPL   Keg Creek "Pacific Call Plus" 2 oz.
KCSHOW16   Keg Creek "Showtime Predator Bait" 16 oz.
V40   Keg Creek Production Trapping 2 Disc Set
KELBLK16   Kellen's "Black Label Bait" 16 oz.
KELRED16   Kellen's "Red Label Bait" 16 oz.
KTZSMKIN   Kellens "Green Label Smokin Aces" 16 oz. Kaatz
NLKK13   Kitten Kooner LED
V36   Kyle Kaatz DVD Trapline Anecdotes: New Mexico Coyote Trapping
V39   Kyle Kaatz Trapline Anecdotes: Roadlining DVD
BK9   Land Sets and Trapping Techniques by Dobbins
BK41   Land Trapping Made Simple by Kyle Kaatz
LATGLOV   Latex Skinning Gloves, Box of 100, Size XL
LIGSPR   Lightning Springs 1 Dz.
LIQSMOK   Liquid Smoke
LGD   Logwood Dye
LOGLIQ   Logwood Liquid Trap Dye
V27   Lure & Bait Making by Clint Locklear
LCAP   Lure Capsules
LP1-16   Lure Pouch 1-16 Oz. Urine Bottle
LP2-8   Lure Pouch 2-8 Oz. Bait Jars
LP5-1   Lure Pouch 5-1 Oz. Lure Bottles
BK30   Making And Using Lures and Baits by Wyshinski
MAST   Masterson's "Truckload Coon Bait" 16 oz.
MB1216   MB 1216 JC
COBKT   MB Coni Brackets
MBCP   MB Crunch Proof In-Line Swivels
MB-450FH   MB-450-FH (Closed Jaw)
MB-550-RC   MB-550-RC (2-Coiled) OFFSET JAW
MB-650-CAST   MB-650-Cast
MB-750-Alaskan-Wolf-3-8-OS   MB-750 Alaskan Wolf - 3/8 O.S.
MB650SET   MB650 Trap Setters Improved
MB750SET   MB750 Trap Setters
MHMP   Medicine Hat "Muskrat Paste" 1 oz.
MH47G   Medicine Hat "45-70 Gov't" 1 oz.
MHA   Medicine Hat "Allegheny" 1 oz.
MHCD   Medicine Hat "Cat Daddy" 1 oz.
MHCP   Medicine Hat "Coon Pie" 1 oz.
MHDCW   Medicine Hat "Dead Coon Walking" 1 oz.
MHFH   Medicine Hat "Fire In The Hole" 16 oz.
MHGDM   Medicine Hat "Gato De Monte" 1 oz.
MHLR   Medicine Hat "Laughing Raven" 1 oz.
MHLCB   Medicine Hat "Lynx Cat Blues" 1 oz.
MHMLC   Medicine Hat "Medicine Lodge Creek" 1 oz.
MHRD   Medicine Hat "Red Dog" 1 oz.
MHRE   Medicine Hat "Renegade" 1 oz.
MHTR   Medicine Hat "Tres Ritos" 1 oz.
MHWDM   Medicine Hat "Wolf Dog Moon" 1 oz.
MPB16   Millgan's Predatory Bait 16oz
MILL200SH   Milligan's "200% Shellfish Plus" 1 oz.
MILBIGCHE   Milligan's "Big Cheese" 1 oz.
MILBIGTIM   Milligan's "Big Time" 1 oz.
MILBLUERIV   Milligan's "Blue River" 1 oz.
MILCOONCRE   Milligan's "Coon Creek" 1 oz.
MILGILA   Milligan's "Gila" 1 oz.
MILGLADES   Milligan's "Glades" 1 oz.
MILHENREV   Milligan's "Hen's Revenge" 1 oz.
MILMAMS   Milligan's "Mink and Muskrat Special" 1 oz.
MILMOJO   Milligan's "Mojo" 1 oz.
MILPECOS   Milligan's "Pecos" 1 oz.
MILREDRIV   Milligan's "Red River" 1 oz.
MILSLIPP   Milligan's "Slippery Rock" 1 oz.
MILSTEPP2   Milligan's "Steppenwolfe 2" 1 oz.
MILTUTTI   Milligan's "Tutti-Fruitti" 1 oz.
MILLCMD   Milligans "Cat Man Do" 1 oz.
MILLCMII   Milligans "Cat Man II" 1 oz.
MILLDC   Milligans "L.D.C. Long Distance Call" 1 oz.

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