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14DRILLBIT   # 14 Drill Bit
BASE2   # 2 Base Plate with D Rings
BAJ285   # 285 J-Hook Break Away
BASE3   # 3 Base Plate with D Rings
BASE4   # 4 Base Plate with D Rings
BASE5   # 5 Base Plate with D Rings
BASE6   # 6 Base Plate with D Rings
6JHK   # 6 Gauge J-Hooks
1DOUBLE   #1 Trap Spring Double Set Handmade in the USA
WFFILET   #1 Trap Spring Knife "Filet" Handmade in the USA
WFLILBEA   #1 Trap Spring Knife "Lil Beaver" Handmade in the USA
WFMINK   #1 Trap Spring Knife "Minker" Handmade in the USA
WFMINKNECK   #1 Trap Spring Knife Minker With Neck Sheath Handmade in the USA
PANCOVA   #1.5 Fiberglass Trap Pan Covers
PANCOVB   #1.75 Fiberglass Trap Pan Covers
10BRASS   #10 Brass Bolts, and Nuts
PANCOVC   #2 Fiberglass Trap Pan Covers
CHAIN-2SL   #2 Straight Link Chain 100 Ft.
2DOUBLE   #2 Trap Spring Double Set Handmade in the USA
PANCOVD   #3 Fiberglass Trap Pan Covers
CHAIN-3SL   #3 Straight Link Chain 100 Ft.
POGO11218   1 1/2" POGO Anchor with 18 Inches of 3/32 Cable
POGO112   1 1/2" POGO Anchor with J-Hook
POGO11418   1 1/4" POGO Anchor with 18 Inches of 3/32 Cable
POGO114   1 1/4" POGO Anchor with J-Hook
ACS116   1/16 Aluminum Cable Stops
ADF116   1/16 Aluminum Double Ferrules
BDCAMLOCK116   1/16 Blackdog Camlock
CAMLOCK116   1/16 Camlock
CHI116500   1/16th Chinese Snare Cable 7x7 500 ft. Roll
4-100   1/2 Inch Aluminum Push Pins, Moore 4-100
SL12   1/2 Quick Snap Links
QL14   1/4 Quick Links
SL14   1/4 Quick Snap Links
ACS18   1/8 Aluminum Cable Stops
ADF18   1/8 Aluminum Double Ferrules
BDCAMLOCK18   1/8 Blackdog Camlock
QL18   1/8 Quick Links
SSWIV11   11 Gauge Snare Swivel
SPW11312   11 Gauge Support Wire 3.5 lb. Roll
110-120x14   110-120 Body Grip Trap Setter, 14 Inches Long
WIRE14312   14 Gauge Trappers Tie Wire 3.5 lb. Roll
WIRE16312   16 Gauge Trappers Tie Wire, 3.5 lb. Roll
BOLTCUT   18 Inch Bolt Cutters
GL18   18" Gauntlet NonInsulating Gloves
RKDFDHAUG2   2 Inch Double Flight Dirt Hole Auger 18 inches Long
POGO2   2" POGO Anchor with J-Hook
POGO218   2" POGO Anchor with 18 Inches of 3/32 Cable
CHAIN2-0   2/0 Twin Loop Chain 100 Ft.
220-330x21   220-330 Body Grip Trap Setter, 21 Inches Long
WYOTT   25 Write Your Own Trap Tags
A3HTS   3 Hole ALUMINUM Tail Stripper
MTS3   3 Hole Metal Tail Stripper
3N1   3 In 1 Tool
RKDHAUG3   3 Inch Dirt Hole Auger 18 Inches Long
QL316   3/16 Quick Links
SL316   3/16 Quick Snap Links
ACS 332   3/32 Aluminum Cable Stops
ADF332   3/32 Aluminum Double Ferrules
CHI332500   3/32 Chinese Snare Cable 7x7 500 ft. Roll
SC332   3/32 Wammys Support Collars
ML364116   3/64-1/16 Micro Lock
SL38   3/8 Quick Snap Links
HT36ML116   36 inch 1/16th Survival Rabbit Snare
V7   4 Hour Watercourse Beaver Raccoon Mink & Muskrat Probst
CC-CPK   4" Clip Point Hunting Knife Iowa
CC-DPK   4" Drop Point Hunting Knife Iowa
4INCHSK   4" Green Handle Skinning Knife
CC-GHK   4" Gut Hook Hunting Knife Iowa
HT42WL332   42 inch 3/32nd Washer Lock Snare
HT42WL564   42 inch 5/64th Economy Washer Lock Snare
HT48WL332   48 inch 3/32nd Washer Lock Snare
HT48WL564   48 inch 5/64th Washer Lock Snare
HT48ML332   48" 3/32 Micro Lock Snare
CC-512F   5 1/2" Fillet Knife Iowa
QL516   5/16 Quick Links
SL516   5/16 Quick Snap Links
ACS564   5/64 Aluminum Cable Stops
ADF564   5/64 Aluminum Double Ferrules
CHI564500   5/64 Chinese Snare Cable 7x7 500 ft. Roll
SC564   5/64 Wammys Support Collars
BDCAMLOCK564332   5/64-3/32 Blackdog Camlock
CAMLOCK564332   5/64-3/32 Camlock
ML564332   5/64-3/32 Micro Lock
5-100   5/8th Aluminum Push Pins Moore 5-100
BK23   50 Years a Trapper & Treasure Hunter by Thorpe
BD6SH   6 Gauge S-Hooks
CC-BK   6" HD Bowie Knife Iowa
HT60WL332   60 inch Universal 3/32nd Washer Lock Snare
HT60WL564   60 inch Universal 5/64th Washer Lock Snare
CC-7F   7" Fillet Knife Iowa
SL716   7/16 Quick Snap Links
SSS-8I   8 Inch Standard Steel Sharpener
HT84CL332   84 " 3/32nd Cam Lock Coyote Snare
SSWIV9   9 Gauge HD Snare Swivel
SP9312   9 Gauge Support Wire 3.5 lb. Roll
SP910   9 Gauge Support Wire, 10 lb. Roll
HTHOG96CL18   96 " 1/8th Cam Lock Wild Hog Wolf Snare 8 Ft.
99USES   99 Uses for a Dead Skunk by Winkler
BK37   Adjustment of Leg Hold Traps for Greater Profit by Charles Dobbins
V15   After The Catch Jones
ALUTAIL   Aluminum Tail Stripper
ACC   American Cable Cutter #316 Made In The USA
ASCOVHULL   Andy Stoe's Cover Hulls
SDBLQT   Andy Stoe's Speed Dip (Black)
SDTANQT   Andy Stoe's Speed Dip (Brown)
TROBADG   Badger Trowel 26 Inch D Handle
BK19   Baits, Lures, & Attrators for Fox & Coyotes by Pavek
BARMP   Barker's Mink Pan
BARCM110120   Barkers Coni Mounts #110 #120
BARCM160220   Barkers Coni Mounts #160 #220
BARCM280330   Barkers Coni Mounts #280 #330
BARCP   Barkers ConiPans #110-120
BARCP220   Barkers ConiPans #160-220
BK38   Beaver & Otter Trapping: Open Water Techniques by Charles Dobbins
BK15   Beaver Snaring by Simmerman
BEFULL   Bemac Insulated FullLength Gloves
BNCHSWAG   Bench Swager
BERHD   Berkshire H.D. Disposable Stake Ends
BERSOFT   Berkshire Soft-Ground Disposable Stake Ends
BERKDRV   Berkshire Stake Driver
BERSTD   Berkshire STD Disposable Stake Ends
BERK116   Berkshire Sure-Lock 1/16
BERK564332   Berkshire Sure-Lock 5/64-3/32
V8   Big Buck Bobcats Krause
BLKHOLE   Black Hole Trap
BWAX   Black Trap Wax (Odorless)
BBBOADEL   Blackie's Blend "Boar's Delight" 1 oz.
BBBBuck-1   Blackie's Blend "Brown Buck" 1 oz.
BBBM-1   Blackie's Blend "Brush Master" 1 oz.
BBCNM-1   Blackie's Blend "Cat-N-Mouse" 1 oz.
BBDW-1   Blackie's Blend "Deathwind" 1 oz.
BBFA-8   Blackie's Blend "Fatal Attraction" 8 oz.
BBFK-8   Blackie's Blend "Fur King" 8 oz.
BBGD-1   Blackie's Blend "Gray Dog" 1 oz.
BBHV-1   Blackie's Blend "High Voltage" 1 oz.
BBLF-1   Blackie's Blend "Lightfoot" 1 oz.
BBMC-1   Blackie's Blend "Magnum Call" 1 oz.
BBMS-16   Blackie's Blend "Main Squeeze" 16 oz.
BBMM-1   Blackie's Blend "Moneymaker" 1 oz.
BBMTM-8   Blackie's Blend "My-T-Mouse" 8 oz.
BBNB-1   Blackie's Blend "Night Bandit" 1 oz.
BBNMist-1   Blackie's Blend "Night Mist" 2 oz.
BBNC-14   Blackie's Blend "Num-Chuck"
BBPP-1   Blackie's Blend "Power Putty" 4 oz.
BBRR-1   Blackie's Blend "Red Ranger" 1 oz.
BBSKB-8   Blackie's Blend "S-K-B" 8 oz.
BBSFO-1   Blackie's Blend "Shellfish Oil" 1 oz.
BBSHam-2   Blackie's Blend "Sledge Hammer" 2 oz.
BBSF-1   Blackie's Blend "Spotted Fury" 1 oz.
BBSB-1   Blackie's Blend "Sugar Babe" 1 oz.
BBTKO-1   Blackie's Blend "T-K-O" 1 oz.
BBTS-1   Blackie's Blend "Tail Slapper" 1 oz.
BBTU-8   Blackie's Blend "Thumbs Up" 8 oz.
BBWS-8   Blackie's Blend "Whistle Stop" 8 oz.
V29   Boars Gone Wild by Randy Smith
BWGRBL   Bob Wilson's Green Beaver Lure
BOBURN   Bobcat Urine
BGDR110   Body Grip Dog Replacements #110
BGDR220   Body Grip Dog Replacements #220
BGDR330   Body Grip Dog Replacements #330
BGSH110220   Body Grip Safety Hooks #110 #220
BGSH280330   Body Grip Safety Hooks #280 #330
BGST330TALL   Body Grip Stabilizer 330 Tall 52 1/2 Inches
BGST330TALLMOD   Body Grip Stabilizer 330 Tall Modified 63 1/2 Inches
DEXPEL   Bolen Dexter Standard Pelter
TR110120   Bolt-On Triggers 110-120
TR160   Bolt-On Triggers 160
TR220   Bolt-On Triggers 220
TR330   Bolt-On Triggers 330
BK16   Bottom Edge Mink Set by Smythe
V22   Bottom Edge Mink Set Ken Smythe DVD
BK17   Bottom Edge Otter & Beaver by Smythe
BOXSW   Box Swivels
BRCS175OS   Bridger #1 3/4 Offset Jaw
BRCS1   Bridger #1 Coil Spring
B1LS   Bridger #1 Long Spring
BRCS150OS   Bridger #1.5 OS
B1-5S   Bridger #1.5 Special Coil Spring
BRCS165OS   Bridger #1.65 Offset (2 Coil)
B1-65CS2   Bridger #1.65 Regular Jaw Coil Spring(2 Coil)
B1-75CS   Bridger #1.75 Regular Jaw Coil Spring
BRBG110   Bridger #110 Body Gripper
BRBG120   Bridger #120 Body Gripper
BRBG150   Bridger #150 Body Gripper
B155BG   Bridger #155 Body Gripper 5x5
B160BG   Bridger #160 Body Gripper 6x6
BRCS2OS   Bridger #2 Offset (2 Coiled)
B2CS   Bridger #2 Regular Jaw Coil Spring
B220BG   Bridger #220 Body Gripper 7x7
BRCS3OS   Bridger #3 Offset Jaw (2 Coiled)
B3CS   Bridger #3 Regular Jaw Coil Spring
B330BG   Bridger #330 Body Gripper 10x10
B4DLS   Bridger #4 Double Long Spring
BRCS5OFF   Bridger #5 Coilspring Offset Jaw
BRCS5REG   Bridger #5 Coilspring Regular Jaw
B5DLS   Bridger #5 Double Long Spring
BRALUM   Bridger Aluminum Trap Setter

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