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Come check out our selection of Dunlap Lures and Baits. We have a wide selction made directly from Jeff Dunlap.
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Dunlap's Alpha Predator Lure Dunlap's Big Pile Beaver Lure Dunlap's Bobcat Gland Lure
Dunlap's Bobcat Lure Dunlap's Call of the Wild Fresh Fish Bait 16 oz. Dunlap's Cat Reaper Lure
Dunlap's Coon Sweet Lure Dunlap's Cryptic Coyote Gland Lure Dunlap's Damnation Red Fox Gland Lure
Dunlap's Death Coyote Gland Lure Dunlap's Fire Fly Glo Coon Lure Dunlap's Hellfire Long Call Smear Lure
Dunlap's Hostile Predator Gland Lure Dunlap's Lady Luck Coyote Gland Matrix Lure 1 Oz. Dunlap's LDC Fisher Lure 1 Oz.
Dunlap's LDC Marten Lure 1 Oz. Dunlap's Lightning In A Bottle Lure Dunlap's Location Predator Bait 16 oz.
Dunlap's Massacre Mouse Meat Food Lure Dunlap's Mink Lure 1 oz. Dunlap's Muskrat Lure 1 oz.
Dunlap's Otter Lure Dunlap's Predator Bait Solution 16oz Dunlap's Rage Predator Bait
Dunlap's Red Fox Matrix Lure Dunlap's Red Gland Lure 1 Oz. Dunlap's Soul Taker Winter Predator Bait
Dunlap's Vengeance Predator All Call Lure Dunlap's War Paint Long All Call Lure 1 oz. Dunlap's Woodchuck ADC Lure 1 Oz.
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