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Carman's Caven's Coon Grabbers
Dobbin's Dog Proof Bait Dunlap Lures
Fish Oils Fox Hollow Funke's Baits & Lures
Hawbaker's High Quality Lures & Baits Hilltop Bait
Jameson's John Graham's Fur Country Kaatz Bros.
Keg Creek Lure Making Supplies Medicine Hat
Milligan Brand O'Gormans Predator Control Group
R&M Lures RK Trapline Skunk Essence
Sweetwater Tactical Trapping Services Urines
Wildlife Research
For our Lures, Baits, and Attractants category we offer all major brands available on the market today. These include fish oils, urines, skunk essence, and other baits as well. We carry Caven's, Jameson's Mark June, Mill Creek, Sweet Water, Dobbin's, Fox Hollow, Keg Creek, Hawbaker's, Dog Proof Bait, Carmen's, O'Gormans and more. We can help you figure out the best lure, bait, or attractant for your next trapping or snaring trip.
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Caven's "Canine Force" Caven's "Gusto" Caven's "Hiawatha Valley Predator Bait"
Caven's "Minnesota Red" Caven's "Moonshine" Caven's "Violator-7"
Caven's "Yodel Dog" Dobbin's  "Back Breaker" Lure Dobbin's  "Beaver Plus" Lure
Dobbin's  "Coon Candy" Lure Fox Hollow  "GHII" Milligans "Cat Man Do" 1 oz.
Dobbin's  "Muskrat Lure #1" Lure Carman's "Pro's Choice" Skunk Essence Tinct. Very Strong
Coyote Urine Bobcat Urine Fox Urine
Fish Oil Salmon Oil Shellfish Oil
Glycerine Oil Liquid Smoke Sweetwater Flattail Beaver Lure
PCG "DELTA RED" Beaver Lure PCG "YOTE DOPE" Coyote Lure PCG "CAT COLLECTOR" Bobcat Lure
R&M's  "Coyote Creek" R&M's  "Coyote 250" Carman's "Canine Call"
Lures, Baits, & Attractants
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